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English Yoga Classes in Nice, Monaco, Antibes

Practice yoga outdoors with a certified English speaking instructor in some of the most beautiful locations in the South of France

Holistic Wellness

The practice of treating the whole mind, body, and spirit as one

A balanced self is the key to long-term happiness and health. Each yoga class is carefully designed to leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.


“Fiona’s yoga is a calming safe space where I felt fully at ease and able to be 100% present in the moment. The class practices mindfulness, meditation and made me feel completely relaxed, whilst also encouraging stretches that felt needed for my body. Would recommend these classes to absolutely anyone!”​


“Fiona’s yoga classes are the perfect mix of healing and calming while also being nourishing for the body. I felt completely relaxed and content after her class. Can’t wait to see my yoga progress with her guidance :)”​


“After attending Fiona’s yoga classes I felt challenged and peaceful at the same time! She has a very including, welcoming and creative teaching style and is very mindful to little details.
Her yoga classes really helped me to gain a better perception of my own body and to learn how to soothe myself through movement. Thank you so much for offering this safe space!


Certified English Speaking Yoga Teacher in Nice, France

“My call is to share with you what yoga has gifted me. Love, unity, community, friendship, connection”…


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Two locations in Nice: Colline du Chateau & Coco Beach (see map)
Location in Antibes: Plage de la Gravette Antibes